Photo Gallery | Halloween 2015 at Mountain States

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Wizard of Oz-2.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat, "Wizard of Oz"

2nd place Great Pumpkin Patch.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat 2nd place, "Great Pumpkin Patch"

3rd place Mad Scientist Lab.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat, 3rd place, "Mad Scientist Lab"

First place Wizard of Oz NICU.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat, 1st place, "Wizard of Oz," NICU

Great Pumpkin Patch-2.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat, "Great Pumpkin Patch"

JCMC crowd.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat

Mad Scientist Lab-2.jpg

JCMC Trunk or Treat, "Mad Scientist Lab"

CBO costume 2nd place Unicoi 'The Addams Family'.jpg

CBO costume contest, 2nd place, "The Addams Family," Unicoi, (left to right), Stacy Cochran as Pugsley, Amanda Vicars as Wednesday, Amy Metcalf as Gomez, Shanna Medina as Morticia, Judy Woodby as Granny, Jason Walters as Fester, Lisa Perkins as Cousin IT.

CBO costume 3rd place Revenue Support 'ICD-10'.jpg

CBO costume contest, 3rd place, "ICD-10," Revenue Support team of (left to right) Gwen Collins, Jennifer Bonsor, Sarah Gibson, Brian Bismark and Ryan Dotson

CBO Nightmare Before Christmas.JPG

CBO costume contest, "Nightmare Before Christmas," Rachel lemons and Haviland Norris

CBO costume 1st place PVC '101 Dalmatians'.jpg

CBO costume contest, 1st place, 101 Dalmatians," PVC

CBO Unicoi group best decoration.JPG

CBO, best decoration, Addams Family cemetery, by Unicoi team

JMH doggies in costume.JPG

JMH therapy dogs in costume

DCH Dietary1 2 contest winner Debra Wilmot.JPG

DCH pumpkin contest,1st place,by Debra Wilmot

NCH pumpkin winner Radiology.jpg

Norton pumpkin winner, UK theme, from Radiology

NCH trunk or treat contest winner Inside Out.jpg

Norton Trunk or Treat, costume winners, "Inside Out"

Norton animal hoarder.jpg

Norton costume contest, "Animal Hoarder"

Norton Dumb

Norton costume contest, "Dumb and Dumber"

Norton Mrs Doubtfire.jpg

Norton costume contest, "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Norton the voice.jpg

Norton costume contest, "The Voice"

Norton village people 2.jpg

Norton costume contest, "Village People"

Norton Wacky ICD 10 codes.jpg

Norton costume contest, "Wacky ICD-10 Codes"

costume 2.JPG

DCH costume contest

Dietarty 2.JPG

DCH pumpkin contest, from Dietary

IOP Burger.JPG

DCH pumpkin contest, IOP

DMA Burger.JPG

Burger, Dickenson Medical Associates (DMA)

DMA Ashley.JPG

Ashley, Dickenson Medical Associates (DMA)

DMA Marsheli.JPG

Marsheli, DMA

DMA Michelle.JPG

Michelle, DMA


Rosa, DMA


Wilma, DMA

DMA Jessica.JPG

Jessica, DMA

Green Oaks Behavior Health.JPG

Green Oaks Behavioral Health


Brian, DCH IOP


JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


Scrubs the Bear at JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


Scrubs with sleeping baby at JCMC Trunk or Treat (you mean someone could sleep through all that?)


JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


JCMC Trunk or Treat


Superheroes at Niswonger Spooky Trail


Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat team (but is this doctor credentialed?)


Niswonger Children's Hospital Spooky Trail


Niswonger Spooky Trail

Costume contestants ages 0-4.jpg

RCMC Halloween Carnival costume contest for ages 0-4


RCMC 1st annual Halloween Carnival

RCMC, Michael Kiser, lab manager.jpg

RCMC, Michael Kiser, lab manager


RCMC Halloween Carnival

RCMC Administration, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.jpg

RCMC administration, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


RCMC Halloween Carnival

RCMC cute twins.jpg

RCMC ages 0-4 costume contest

RCMC, Med-Surg and ER Nursing.jpg

RCMC costume contest, Med/Surg and ER Nursing