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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Norton Community Hospital wears purple in memory of Kami

Norton Community Hospital wears purple in memory of Kami

NORTON, Va. – Team members at Norton Community Hospital and Dickenson Community Hospital decided to go purple last week in honor of Kami Morgan, one of their team members who passed away in March.

Kami was residency program secretary for Norton Community Hospital’s internal medicine residency program and had previously worked for 15 years in accounting. Her favorite color was purple, so team members of the residency program and the accounting staff came up with the idea to wear purple in Kami’s memory for her birthday on May 4.

Click here to see some photos of purple people at Norton as they remember their friend.

Rowena Black, director/controller for the Northwest Market, said a lot of people wore purple, and the team also did a balloon release outside the hospital in Kami’s memory.

“Even though Kami is no longer with us, we can still celebrate her sweet spirit on her special day as she is still alive in our hearts,” Rowena said.

 “Kami was greatly loved and respected by all who knew her,” said LaDonna Epling, residency program manager. “She was more than just our coworker; Kami was truly our friend.”