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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mountain States IS team hosts regional Allscripts Unity Developer Workshop

Front row, left to right (participants from Mountain unless otherwise noted): Daniel Barbrow, advanced ambulatory applications, interface analyst; Hunter Williams, financial applications, business systems analyst; Stanley Crane, Allscripts, chief innovation officer; (back row) Dustin Trent, advanced ambulatory applications, business systems analyst; Charles Stevens, advanced ambulatory applications, business systems analyst; Robert Dickau, Allscripts, director of innovation; Ian Williams, advanced ambulatory applications, business systems analyst; Dustin Quillen, financial applications, business systems analyst; Sevin Wilson, SoftAge Systems, chief brand officer; Ravi Janapati, SoftAge Systems, chief integration officer; Srinivas Posinasetty, SoftAge Systems, CEO.


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – The Mountain States IS advanced ambulatory applications team, in collaboration with Mountain States Medical Group and Allscripts, hosted the Allscripts Unity Developers Workshop last week.

The purpose of this event is to improve the ability to exchange information securely and reliably using standard methods supported by Allscripts. Being able to efficiently and effectively share important patient details such as current diagnosis, medication changes and other relevant information enables better care for patients in a more effective and efficient way.

“In our community and in some instances even within Mountain States, we have islands of information which do not move very well from one system or location to another,” said Chip Childress, Mountain States IS manager of the advanced ambulatory applications team. “We have the opportunity to make the coordination, collaboration and transition of care more seamless and more effective for those who share information with or from any of our Allscripts locations. A great example of this at Mountain States is the automated sharing of data between MSMG clinics, ETSU Family Medicine and Mountain States Emergency Departments.”

In addition, participants at the workshop learned about valuable tools to help provide better support to users. Allscripts representatives were on site to facilitate the event which invited participants from area Allscripts customers.

“This workshop is all about helping you do more of what’s really important to you and your clinicians. It gives you the ability to decide what’s best and most important to you as an organization and for your end-users,” said Stanley Crane, Allscripts chief innovation officer.

Mountain States team members who attended were Daniel Barbrow, Ian Williams, Dustin Trent, Charles Stevens, Dustin Quillen, Hunter Williams and Kevin Bowes.

Crane and Robert Dickau, director of innovation for Allscripts, facilitated the workshop which had nearly 15 area IT professionals in attendance – all of whom support the Allscripts application for their organizations.

“Participating in this workshop helped us achieve a better understanding of tools that Allscripts has made available that allow us to interact with their systems,” said Barbrow, Mountain States IS interface analyst from the advanced ambulatory applications team. “I’m excited to be able to continue to use this tool set to develop next-generation integrations and applications that benefit our patients, providers, and business.”