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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mountain States Rehab at JMH, RCMC in St. Paul honored with FOTO awards
JMH OP rehab team: Kirsten Lamie, PT; Kim Lovett, PT; Krista Jones, OT; Rhonda Jarvis, PTA; Stephanie Gibson, PT; Nancy Hess, PT; Caitlin Cook, ATC; Kristi Williamson, COTA

Mountain States Rehab at JMH, RCMC in St. Paul honored with FOTO awards

ABINGDON, Va. – Mountain States Rehabilitation at Johnston Memorial Hospital and Russell County Medical Center’s St. Paul location have been recognized yet again for their high-quality treatment.

The rehab locations were each awarded an Outcomes Excellence Certificate from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO), a nationwide outcomes data base and reporting service for healthcare providers. These certificates are presented to a select group of providers across the country to recognize the excellence achieved in effectiveness of their outpatient rehab treatment during the past 12 months, or four consecutive quarters/reporting periods.

 Click here for a photo of the RCMC OP team:

This marks the ninth consecutive quarter the Johnston Memorial Hospital (JMH) location has received this award and the third consecutive quarter the St. Paul location for Russell County Medical Center (RCMC) has received it.

“I am extremely proud of my team at both JMH and Russell County for their hard work, focus and dedication to their patients,” said Nancy Hess, rehabilitation manager for JMH and RCMC. “This measuring tool is incredibly valuable in that it is the patient’s perception of how they are doing – not what we as caregivers are measuring and seeing, but what activities the patient can see they can do better or more easily or more frequently.

“It reflects the communication between the therapist and their patients – that the therapists are listening to the patients and focusing their care on the area most important to the patient. Our region is lucky to have a very dedicated and compassionate OP rehab team!”

Johnston Memorial Hospital ranks high among the nation with its patients attaining significantly higher functional improvements, in fewer visits, and with higher patient satisfaction compared to other clinics in the FOTO network.

Mountain States Rehabilitation has been utilizing FOTO since 2010 as a way to objectively track patients’ functional outcomes. Participating in this nationwide system is another example of Mountain States’ commitment to providing efficient and outstanding patient care. FOTO has provided outcome data to healthcare providers since 1994. Nationally there are more than 2,000 (and growing) organizations contributing to the FOTO data base.

FOTO has the first Functional Health Status Measure approved for physical rehabilitation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s list of approved quality measures in the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse, a public repository for evidence-based quality measures sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (