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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Triumph cancer navigator program celebrates 1-year anniversary

Triumph cancer navigator program celebrates 1-year anniversary

 Our Triumph cancer navigator program just reached its first anniversary, growing to include 11 navigators and expanding its scope to cover all types of cancer. Over its first year, the free service has helped more than 1,500 patients navigate their way through the cancer treatment journey.

 The navigators work as part of the care team, along with the cancer nurses and doctors, to help cancer patients from the initial diagnosis through doctor visits, surgery and other treatments. They can assist with all aspects of care, whether someone needs help making an informed decision, communicating with a doctor, or just needs a shoulder to lean on.

 “This was a much-needed service for the cancer patients of our region,” said Brent Moseley, corporate director for patient navigation. “Dealing with cancer can be such a scary and confusing experience, so having someone with you the whole way through can really make a big difference.

 “What’s especially good about Triumph is that it’s free and it’s available to any cancer patient in the region – not just those in treatment from Mountain States, but anybody who’s going through cancer regardless of your provider network.”

 Triumph has seven nurse navigators and four community navigators:

  JCMC – Jennifer Norton (lung), Amy Verble (breast), Karen Pena (community navigator), Hillary Broyles (head/neck & gastrointestinal), Teresa Payne (genitourinary and other)

  Indian Path – Taylor Clark (community navigator), Gayle Hawley (oncology nurse navigator)

  Northeast Market (JMH, RCMC, SCCH) – Kim Hall (breast, neck/head & other), Tammie McGlothlin (lung and GI & other), Scarlett Hall (community navigator)

  Southeast Market (SSH, JCCH, Unicoi) – Karen Pena (community navigator)

  Norton/Dickenson – Misty Myers (community navigator)

 The program has made an impact. About 900 patients are currently being served, and for FY2016, the Triumph program received a patient satisfaction score of 93.

 Among the services the Triumph navigators provide are:

 • Serving as personal contact for the patient

 • Answering questions about what to expect throughout care

 • Coordinating appointments and treatments

 • Arranging care between healthcare providers

 • Providing emotional support for you and your caregivers

 They can also help coordinate treatment planning, nutritional counseling and survivorship planning, and can connect the patient with social workers, pastoral care, support groups, financial assistance and home health, palliative care or hospice care.

 For more information on the Triumph program, visit www.my-triumph.org.