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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Compliance reminder about proper email use

Have you read the Mountain States policy IM-900-008 Electronic Mail Communication policy? This policy addresses such topics as user responsibilities, prohibited uses, ownership of email messages, confidentiality, transmissions of patient information and other important facts about email communication.


Many people have multiple email addresses, including a personal one used to communicate with friends and family so here are some important things to remember:

  • Mountain States e-mail is to be used for Mountain States business purposes only.
  • Disclosure of patient information via Mountain States email should be limited to the minimum necessary to accomplish the business objective.
    • Patient information should only be transmitted to those with a legitimate need to know.
    • No person identifiable, sensitive or confidential information should be in the header/subject line of the message.
  • Patient information that is sent outside of the Mountain States e-mail system for Mountain States business purposes must be done so by using the secure e-mail server. To use the secure server, the sender must enter “securemail” in brackets in the beginning of the subject line. Example: Subject: [securemail] your information

For more detailed information, on the use of Mountain States e-mail please refer to the following Mountain States policy located on online in policy manager:

  • Electronic Mail Communication IM-900-008