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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Francis Marion Manor resident celebrates 106th birthday
106-year-old Vivian Wampler surrounded by friends and family at Francis Marion Manor.

Francis Marion Manor resident celebrates 106th birthday

MARION, Va. – Vivian Wampler, resident at Francis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation, celebrated her 106th birthday late last month. That’s right, she’s 106 years old and still doing well.

Wampler, who has been at Francis Marion Manor for about four years, turned 106 on Dec. 28. She decided to forego the hubbub of a big party but still had family visiting her throughout the day – and there was even a bit of media coverage for Vivian’s 106th birthday. Here’s a quick bit from WCYB-TV.

Sharon Buchanan, activity coordinator at the Manor, said Vivian is still very sharp mentally and enjoys visiting but has trouble with her eyesight and hearing. She is still able to walk some with a walker and also makes regular stops at the salon to get her hair done.

“She’s still got her spunk and she gets a visit every day from her daughter and son, who are in their 80s,” Buchanan said. “And Vivian has a lot of friends in the community because she babysat for years for many of the prominent people in the community until she was 90 years old, and a lot of those families still come by to visit her. She said she is so proud of many of those kids she kept because they’ve grown up to be doctors, lawyers, a minister and other important things in the community.”

One family who visited her over the holidays brought her a blanket with her old nickname embroidered on it – Wampi.

For much of her life, Vivian worked on a farm in the nearby Crockett community just outside of Rural Retreat, Va., before moving to Marion in 1971 to be closer to her children.

Buchanan said Vivian is certainly among the oldest living people in Smyth County, if not the oldest, and that Francis Marion Manor has only had one other person live to be 106 – so Vivian is tied for being its oldest resident ever.

Francis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation is a 109-bed licensed nursing care facility, an entity of Smyth County Community Hospital. The Manor provides both skilled-level and nursing facility-level healthcare services.