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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Team Member Emergency Fund: It's there when you need it

 Our annual Team Member Campaign is coming up March 20 through April 3, when team members can give to several important Mountain States Foundation funds. Among them is the Team Member Emergency Fund, which directly benefits team members who are in dire need. As we approach the Team Member Campaign, we’ll look at stories of how the Team Member Emergency Fund has assisted people going through tough times.


 The fire to my home did not actually burn anything inside but burnt wires and plumbing underneath, all of which had to be replaced. We were very lucky it was not worse. When you are in that type of situation you take very small things for granted. We had to remove all clothing, bedding and curtains because the smoke damage was immense. I immediately took everything to the laundry mat, and if you haven’t been to one or if it has been several years, you shortly realize it is not cheap. The extra expenses we didn’t expect were incredible. We had moved in with my mother which was a wonderful thing so that wasn’t an expense we had to worry about. But my insurance company could not help with any expenses until after the claim was closed. A team member actually talked me into asking for help from the foundation as I am not the type to ask for help. We were also offered help from the Red Cross but I declined. I just thought there were other families who needed the help a lot worse than we did. At least we were walking away with no injuries and no losses to furniture or clothing. But with the foundation’s help, that was one less worry and expense. It is definitely a great thing for Mountain States team members and their families. The foundation made a very scary situation a little less scary for us.


 The Team Member Emergency Fund made a difference to the people in this family, and tough times can hit anyone, so it’s good to know this program is available. All it takes to keep it going is contributions, even small ones, from across Mountain States.

 In addition to the Team Member Emergency Fund, there are other programs the foundation oversees that provided much-needed services to those in need – like the Circle of Hope, Helping Hands and parish nursing. When our Team Member Campaign rolls around, please consider donating to one of these funds, or you can donate at any time of the year by clicking here.