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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Team Member Campaign: It's still going until April 3; here's how it helps us

Our annual Team Member Campaign, when team members can give to several important Mountain States Foundation funds, is in progress through Monday, April 3. Among the programs our campaign supports is the Team Member Emergency Fund, which directly benefits team members who are in dire need.


Here’s an example of how the Team Member Emergency Fund assisted a team member going through tough times:


“We moved to this area when our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. When my husband died, Team Member Emergency Funds were given to our family to help with necessary bills until death benefits were received.”


There are so many cases like this, where team members are in a difficult situation and just need a little help. So far, as a system we've raised $201,486 and the goal for the campaign is $268,000.

A reminder: For those who are already signed up for a recurring donation, you DO NOT need to sign up again. Your donation will automatically be made for this year (and THANK YOU!). If you’d like to make changes to your current donation (amount, which fund receives it, etc.), email your changes and team member number to Please note these changes will become effective July 1, 2017, unless otherwise instructed.

Throughout the campaign we’ll be doing daily drawings for gift cards and show tickets for anyone who donates to the Team Member Campaign. People with a recurring donation are automatically entered for the daily drawings. And facilities are holding their own fundraising activities to raise extra money during the campaign. Check out these pie-in-the-face photos from Johnson City Medical Center! That's JCMC HR director Barry Tourigny being "pied" by Morgan May, VP/CNO, and Casey Wilbert, pharmacy clinical coordinator. 

The campaign runs through Monday, April 3. If you’re able to, please give even just a little bit to help others. Thank you so much!