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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

JC team members at ancillary locations now able to get delivery for Nut Nook, Chocolate Elegance, Kettle-Licious

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Team members in our hospitals are familiar with The Nut Nook, Chocolate Elegance and Kettle-Licious, who frequently set up sales of their sweet treats Kettle-Licious has a sale at JCMC coming up April 12-13.that benefit Mountain States Auxiliary. It’s nice to stop by their tables set up in lobby or hallway areas and pick up something to eat or give to someone as a gift.

Now the auxiliary is piloting a service to non-hospital team members in Washington County, Tenn., so that when a sale is happening nearby, they can place orders by email, text or phone call and have the sweets delivered to their workplace.

This pilot service would cover the Washington County facilities other than our hospitals – meaning Home Health, Market Street Centre, corporate headquarters, First Assist Urgent Care, human resources, the CBO, etc. The order/delivery service would NOT apply to team members in Washington County hospitals.

Orders must be placed during the time a specific sale is going on in a Washington County hospital, and team members must use payroll deduct.

Here are the steps to take if you’re a Washington County, Tenn., non-hospital team member and you want to order something from these three confectionary vendors:

1, You’ll receive a Facility Everyone email notifying you of an upcoming sale, or you can check the schedule on the Volunteer/Auxiliary Resources site from the Pulse page to see what sales are coming up.

2, If you want to look at the products and prices for each sale, go to the Pulse page, click “Volunteer/Auxiliary Resources,” scroll down to the icons/buttons for each vendor and click on who you’re interested in.

3, Place your order by phone, text or email order using the contact information listed for each vendor, and have the product delivered to your work location.

Delivery times will vary a little bit, depending on the vendor and sale schedule. Team members at the facilities where the sale is being held should continue to buy in-person from the vendor wherever they’re set up in the hospital.

“These sales by Nut Nook, Chocolate Elegance and Kettle-Licious are pretty popular among team members at the hospitals but it’s a little bit more trouble for some of our other team members not in the hospitals to access the sales,” said Whitney Larkin, director of Washington County volunteers. “So we thought we’d try out this new service to enable them to order things and also to benefit our auxiliary.”

Proceeds from the sales benefit our patients and families through the auxiliary.