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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sycamore Shoals earns Marsh blood donation honors for sixth year in a row

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. – For the sixth year in a row, Sycamore Shoals Hospital has been recognized as Top Mobile Blood Drive Sponsor among community hospitals. Sycamore Shoals collected 261 units in 2016, which was 64 units more than the next closest hospital.


This covers all community hospitals Marsh services in the region, and includes blood donations by both hospital team members and the community.


“It’s a real group effort,” said Connie Julian, laboratory services manager at Sycamore Shoals. “We send out a lot of information to the community and do reminder phone calls and promotions. Everyone who donates gets a T-shirt, and we’ve had promotions where donors get a free sandwich or other things.


“We also do a pizza meal as thank-you to our team members. And the people at Marsh work with us on promoting donations. It’s just been a variety of things from a variety of people.”


One important aspect has been encouraging even those team members who can’t give, for whatever reason, to recruit fellow team members or others they know to give in their place.


“Even for those who don’t do direct patient care, giving blood has a direct impact,” Julian said. “It’s something you’ve given of yourself to help others.”


Julian estimates Sycamore Shoals has netted more than 1,200 units over the six-year period. This makes a huge difference to patients in need of blood, especially considering one unit roughly impacts three lives. Sycamore Shoals came up short on its goal of 300 units for the year but has set that again as their goal.


Sycamore Shoals is holding its next Marsh blood drive on April 20 from noon-6 p.m. If you want to give blood, be on the lookout for emails about the next Marsh or Blood Assurance drive at your facility, or check the latest blood drive schedule in The Mountain Star news briefs.