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Monday, May 8, 2017

Indian Path's Sherry Maddux: Leading like a servant

Sherry Maddux

The annual Servant’s Heart Award, Mountain States’ highest honor, recognizes those among our team members – from frontline to leadership, volunteers and physicians – who display the heart of a servant by following Mountain States’ philosophy of patient-centered care and by going above and beyond the normal call of duty to help others, both at work and in the community.


KINGSPORT, Tenn. – Sherry Maddux began serving at Indian Path Medical Center in 2005, working her way up from frontline nursing to director of perioperative services. A 2017 Servant’s Heart Award winner in the leadership category, her philosophy of leadership fits perfectly with what a Servant’s Heart leader should be.

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She tells her department that she’s not the boss, she’s the leader, and she’s there to serve and take care of her team members and to make sure they have everything they need to do a good job. That caring, encouraging attitude produces happy team members, which results in better patient care.

Sherry leads with humility but is known for her strength, and she holds the department to a high standard. Team members know she is there to stand up for them in times of trouble but won’t hesitate to correct them when they’re wrong.

Sherry encourages all her team members to come to her with any concerns, and she tries to take care of them immediately. She’s quick to lift up and encourage her people when they need it. She goes out of her way to help her team – one time even offering to pick up a team member with a flat tire who lived all the way in Bristol to make sure she could get to work.


Carla Humphreys, anesthesia tech at Indian Path, nominated Sherry. She wrote: “When I first read the email about the Servant’s Heart Award, I immediately thought of Sherry. It said the nominee should have characteristics like doing selfless acts of service, leading by example, and going above and beyond the call of duty. She doesn’t just possess one of these characteristics; she has them all!


“Everything Sherry does is done with pleasure and a happy heart. She is genuinely happy to be of assistance and always with a beautiful smile on her face. Sherry Maddux is a true inspiration to all who meet her.”