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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Important cybersecurity message from Paul Merrywell, chief information officer

Dear team members,


In the last several days, Mountain States has experienced two cybersecurity incidents. In both cases team members have been tricked into clicking on and activating malicious code (malware) embedded in an email and on an internet website. Each instance of malware Paul Merrywell, VP/chief information officerlaunched a direct attack designed to steal important, confidential and private information.


It is imperative that team members understand their responsibility and role in protecting Mountain States data assets including protected health information. For more information, take a look at the PowerPoint presentation accessed on the Pulse page under "In the Spotlight," called "Email and Internet Security Information."


There are some basic cybersecurity rules that if followed will dramatically reduce the possibility Mountain States will be victimized by cybercriminal activity:


    1, Before you click on a link or an attachment in an email, make sure you know the sender and were expecting the email.

    2, Be aware that cybercriminals often try to disguise the email’s origin by masquerading as a legitimate business entity.

    3, Know that an email asking you to verify your identity, user account information including password, financial information, etc., is almost certainly the work of a cybercriminal.

    4, Understand that it is common for cybercriminals to communicate some sort of time sensitivity that something unpleasant will occur such as “your account will be locked.”

    5, Simple grammar and spelling errors are common, telltale signs that an email or website is the work of a cybercriminal.

    6, Lastly, if you think you have fallen victim to a cybercriminal’s trick, the best course of action is shut down your computer immediately and report the incident to the help desk and your supervisor.


Thank you for your time and attention.


Paul Merrywell

Mountain States VP/chief information officer