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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

JCMC Cardiac Rehab has a little Halloween fun

At cardiac rehab, Hank decides to set a very bad example.JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – The team members at Johnson City Medical Center Cardiac Rehab took a serious subject and found a way to have a little Halloween fun with it.


Amanda Finley, RN, brought in her skeleton friend, “Hank,” to the department, located at The Wellness Center, and set him up at a table where visitors can see him. Hank is helping to get across an important message while getting a few laughs – even though his outlook is grim.


“My friend Hank was telling me he had a heart attack and is having trouble breathing,” Amanda said. “So I told him he needed cardiac rehab, and away we went. I’ve taught him healthy lifestyle changes, but he won’t comply. Just wants to sit and smoke. I think his poor health decisions are about to catch up with him.”


Hank rides safely to rehab.Hank, at home, decides he'll go to cardiac rehab today.