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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We're in the middle of our United Way campaign; giving is easy!

We're in the middle of our United Way campaign; giving is easy!

We’re in the midst of our annual United Way campaign, which lasts through Oct. 31. This is a chance to make a donation to the United Way of your choice to help out many of the tremendous nonprofit organizations in our region.

Making a donation is extremely quick and convenient, especially if you use payroll deduction. The donation page can be found on the Pulse page under “In the Spotlight.” Enter your Mountain States user name and password, then click on “Confirm Your Information” at the far right. (Make sure during each step that you click on the right to go to the next step.)

Through Monday, our total was about $125,000. Last year Mountain States was able to donate $321,000.

Remember, if you make a Fair Share donation – equivalent to one hour of your pay per month –then Mountain States will add a $50 donation, up to a $25,000 cap. If you do the Extra Mile donation, equivalent to 1.5 hours of pay per month, Mountain States will give a $50 donation (again up to $25,000) PLUS you’ll receive a free Tervis Tumbler water bottle.

Thank you to everyone who has or will give to the United Way. The nonprofit programs United Way supports are vital to our area, and every one of us has probably either benefited from them in some way or we know someone who has benefited.

Click here to give to our United Way campaign.