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Friday, November 10, 2017

United Way campaign extended via United Long Weekend of Caring; please give if you can!

We’re close to our goal of reaching last year’s total – but we’re not quite there yet – so Mountain States has extended its United Way campaign to include our United LONG Weekend of Caring. The donation link will remain open through midnight on Monday evening, Nov. 13. You can go to the Pulse page under “In the Spotlight” to make a donation, or simply click here.


For those who donated to the community through our Mountain States United Way campaign, thank you very much. As Mountain States team members, we’ve pledged almost $250,000 so far. That goes a long way toward helping people in need who are less fortunate than we are.


At the same time, we’re still short of our total giving from last year when we raised over $300,000. Many team members may have inadvertently let the deadline pass them by, so the United Long Weekend of Caring is one last big push to give people another chance to give, and to see if we can match or go beyond last year’s total.


Across the region, there are more than 100 community agencies that need our help to meet their mission – whether it is food for the hungry, shoes, clothing, shelter, after-school assistance for unsupervised children, or our very own Niswonger Children’s Hospital. They all need our help!


Will you please join your peers and donate this year? Our goal is to have as many team members as possible participate in the campaign. This is another way we demonstrate support for our community. And hats off to Johnson County Community Hospital with a participation rate of better than 82 percent. They really set a great example when it comes to giving back to their community!


Don’t forget, you always get to designate your gift to the United Way of your choice when completing the pledge form, AND you can designate the recipient agency of your choice with a donation of $50 or more for the year. That gift amounts to approximately $1 per week, and what a huge difference that can make.


Click here to make a donation. It’s quick and easy, particularly through payroll deduction. Don’t delay – your donation WILL make a positive impact in the lives of people in our community!