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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SSH team member Charles Young uses art to bring smiles to faces in ICU

Charles Young, Sycamore Shoals EVS team member, shows off his latest bulletin board artwork in the ICU. He has done several different displays themed for holidays or seasons.ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. – Sycamore Shoals Hospital environmental services team member, Charles Young, is a U.S. Marine veteran with a passion for art.

Every holiday and season change, Charles creates a new themed board in the intensive care unit where he works.

“I looked at that board every day for a couple years and thought I could put something on it that would make people smile,” Charles said. And that’s just what he did. This year he’s done boards celebrating Memorial Day, summer fun, Fourth of July, fall, Halloween, and now Veterans Day. The boards have always had a Snoopy theme for this year because Charles knew one of the ICU nurses was a Snoopy fan.  According to the other nurses in ICU, they look forward to every holiday to see what Charles will do next and believe they have the best boards in the hospital.

Charles spent four years in the Marine Corps in the late 1980s and actually started his own art business in Bristol, Virginia, when he returned from the service. He joined the team at Sycamore Shoals just over three years ago and he enjoys helping out with the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports those wounded while serving in the military. He donates money to the project, and about five years ago he even agreed to take in a homeless veteran upon request from the Wounded Warrior project.

“I thought about it a while, and it just felt like something I needed to do,” Charles said. That veteran ended up as his roommate for more than four years, and Charles helped take care of him due to health issues he had and even would get him to his doctor’s visits.

Many thanks to Charles for his service to our country and our veterans, and for his love for art!