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Monday, November 27, 2017

As we put up Christmas decorations at the workplace, remember our safety guidelines

As we head full-steam into the holiday season, make sure all holiday decorations meet Mountain States’ fire prevention policy EOC-300-031. Some of the general highlights are:

1. Decorations are required flame resistant.

2. Electrical devices must have a UL certification.

3. Decorations can’t be hung from sprinklers or block sprinklers from operating correctly.

4. Decorations can’t block egress paths.

Here’s a link to the page on our Policies & Procedures site on the intranet. Click on “Holiday Decorations” to see the policies.


And as a humorous safety reminder that will help us get into the holiday spirit, here’s a take-off on “’Twas The Night Before Christmas,” from the perspective of a hospital facility manager:


‘Tis about a month before Christmas, and all through the halls,

I endeavor to walk, inspecting the walls.

Looking for wreaths made of twigs, and Santas of paper,

Don’t hide them from me, I will solve the caper.


Fake snow, pine cones and *gasp* open flames,

Get rid of these things; I will not play games!

Hang nothing from sprinklers, do not block the exits.

If you do, I’ll call Santa then for you…NO PRESENTS!


No real trees, no branches, no needles of pine,

Just please help me out, and save all the whine constructive input.

If these things spark up and begin to smoke,

It’ll be hard to get out, and that’s not a joke.


Now I’m almost done, but I need to mention,

Bring no cords here, not for extension.

Lights can be used, plugged right in the wall,

But not if they’re hot and stretch across the hall.


I’m not being mean; my heart’s not of stone,

But I just can’t leave those fire regulations alone!

And, hey, listen up, don’t be filled with woe,

Fire retardant decorations you can have; that’s the way to go!


Great people you are, be safe, that’s the trick,

Keep helping and healing our weary and sick.

I care, too; and that is the reason,

I want us to be safe, this entire holiday season!