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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Get ready for the new-look TEDS system, which rolls out Dec. 11

Just a reminder that TEDS is getting a makeover, and you’ll notice it starting next week!

Mountain States will be updating the TEDS system starting Monday, Dec. 11. The TEDS dashboard will have a new look that will give team members a better user experience with enhanced navigation features and fewer clicks.

For this transition to the new-look TEDS, the only thing each team member will have to do is update your TEDS password.

On or after Dec. 11, you will be prompted to change your password when logging into TEDS. The first time logging in you’ll need to enter your current TEDS password in all CAPS, then it will prompt you to set a new password. You can then reset your new password as your old password, if you want to keep your old one.

All competencies and learnings will be loaded from your current TEDS over to the new upgraded system. Everything will remain the same and nothing will be lost in the transition. You’ll still get credit for any CBLs you’ve already completed for the current annual cycle.

For more information, check out this link to the TEDS Upgrade SharePoint page which includes the quick reference guide (see below) as well as two short videos that outline the updated look of the TEDS dashboard and the CBLs.