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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Clearview Behavioral Health at RCMC recently reached 30 years of serving the community

Clearview Behavioral Health Center staff at the 30th anniversary celebration.

Stephen Givens, AVP and administrator at Russell County Medical Center

LEBANON, Va. – Russell County Medical Center’s Clearview Behavioral Health Center hit a very impressive milestone earlier this fall – 30 years of serving the community.

The center is a hidden gem in Southwest Virginia, providing quality mental and behavioral health care for people in crisis situations. It is exclusively designed to provide short-term stabilization and treatment. The unique setting of a behavioral health unit housed in an acute care facility provides patients with access to medical and diagnostic resources and a team of highly trained and compassionate health care providers who may be needed during the course of treatment.

Members of the community as well as team members from Clearview gathered at the Russell County Conference Center for a celebration of the positive impact the center has made over three decades, helping change the lives of countless individuals and families. That’s largely thanks to the hard work of the team at Clearview, said John Hagy, PhD, program director for the facility.

It was great to recognize all of the hard work by so many hands throughout the past 30 years who helped make this event possible,” he said. “We were especially honored by the outpouring of community support as attendees included former employees, past consumers, volunteers from various organizations, private providers and social workers, judges, attorneys and multiple other social service organizations and our operation VP from Diamond.”

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Clearview accepts referrals and admissions 24 hours a day. These can be self-referrals or can come from family members, physicians, therapists or counselors or the court system.

Russell County Medical Center partners with Diamond Healthcare to manage Clearview.

The facility contains a large, multi-purpose treatment room, a group therapy room, recreational therapy room, kitchen, laundry area, offices and work areas.

Stephen Givens, AVP and administrator at Russell County Medical Center, and Jill Smeltzer, clinical outreach manager at Clearview, were among those who spoke at the anniversary event. Speakers emphasized the battle to get rid of the stigma attached to mental illness, and to treat it as we treat any other illness.

“The significance of the work at Clearview was really brought home when a consumer in attendance said he was proud to be able to attend the event, and was so grateful that Clearview Behavioral Health was in this community,” Smeltzer said. “And we’re grateful to be here serving the community.”