Johnston Memorial Hospital | News Article

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Two JMH residents present at international conference

Two residents from Johnston Memorial Hospital recently presented original research at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians in Toronto, Ontario. The meeting in October included presentations from the top clinicians and researchers in chest medicine.

Johnston Memorial’s Dr. Kimberly Edwards in family medicine and Dr. Margaret Tajak in internal medicine traveled with Dr. Haytham Adada, director of critical care medicine at JMH, who also served as a mentor of each resident’s research. Both residents were cautioned about the fierce competition when they submitted their work for consideration, which made the excitement even greater when both had projects accepted.

Dr. Edwards’ research was on “Air Embolus After CT Guided Biopsy.” In addition to Dr. Adada, Dr. Edwards was mentored by Dr. Mahmoud Amarna and Dr. Rod Biosca of JMH.

“It was an amazing opportunity to participate in the conference,” Dr. Edwards said. “The sessions were very informative and we had the opportunity to see new treatments and devices.”

Dr. Tajak was honored with having two projects accepted for presentation. One was entitled “Catastrophic Presentation of Pancreaticopleural Fistula” (PPF). Dr. Tajak’s second project was entitled “A Rare Case of Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalopathy (HLE) Secondary to Influenza.”

Other JMH faculty who supported Dr. Tajak in her research were Drs. Mahmoud Amarna, Rabab Elmezayen, Emily Shields, Richard Mullens, and Camelia Chirculescu.

 “I found it a rejuvenating experience to reconnect with the scientific community at large, in terms of discussing ideas and gaining new perspective,” Dr. Tajak said. “It provided a vast motivational arena for learning. It was an opportunity I was very grateful to have been granted.”