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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

O.C. Tanner appreciation program now expanded to include all credentialed doctors, NPs, PAs

Mountain States has expanded the O.C. Tanner recognition program so all credentialed physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can use it now. In the past, it was limited to only Mountain States-employed team members in those roles.


That means all doctors, NPs and PAs credentialed at any Mountain States facility can use O.C. Tanner to recognize, congratulate or thank another team member, using eCards and eButtons. And all credentialed providers will now be able to receive these recognitions, as well.


To use the program, go to the Pulse page at the top left under “My Mountain States” and click on “STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition).” Log in, and then you can show special thanks and recognition to those who go above and beyond in achieving our Pillars of Excellence. You can also celebrate career milestones. When you log in, you can see the recognitions and thank-you messages posted about team members from all across the system.


For questions about O.C. Tanner and our STAR recognitions, contact HR4U at or by calling 423-431-HR4U.