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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Final reminder: Have you named a beneficiary yet for your Lincoln Financial retirement saving?

Our Lincoln Financial Beneficiary Designation Campaign is coming to a close. Have you named a beneficiary for your Lincoln retirement savings? Would it go to the person you want to have it? If you haven’t specified this in your Mountain States LFG retirement plan, now’s the time to do so. (You can still do this any time of the year!) It just takes a few minutes. Click here for a fast, easy way to check or update your retirement beneficiary information.

Remember, your LFG retirement plan beneficiary is not the same thing as your beneficiary for other important things like life insurance. So make sure you’re up to date! And you can go to your LFG account at any time and update your beneficiaries.

Please note, all updates made on the Sharepoint site will transfer to in February.