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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Be sure to keep visiting Ballad Health News as we transition away from The Mountain Star

As we transition from two health systems into Ballad Health, we’ll continue to provide information to our team members on a range of merger-related topics via the Ballad Health News, which will replace The Mountain Star as our system newsletter.

Ballad Health News is located at Type it in, connect to the site and save it as one of your favorites on your toolbar. The site has information about our new email addresses, our scrubs and uniforms, our Ballad internet and intranet sites and much more. There are also videos of Alan Levine and Bart Hove, our top Ballad Health leaders, talking with team members about various topics, plus other videos about Ballad Health.

You can take a survey of what you believe we should adopt as our Ballad Health values, and there’s a way to submit inspirational stories about patients or fellow team members. We’re keeping the Ballad Health News site simple at first but will be adding more features as we go along. We want it to be a resource you can go back to  again and again for all kinds of information.

If you have an issue with connecting to, refresh your browser or try again and you should have better luck. Thanks for reading The Mountain Star, and for turning to Ballad Health News as your source for information as we join together to become Ballad Health.